Transform your
Players Lives
Transform your
Players Lives

Get the tools you need to help more
of your players get into college.

Key Coach Features
  • Get communication tools to stay in touch with your team
  • Receive updates on the academic and recruiting roadmap
  • See what areas your students need to improve on athletics and academics
  • See what programs match your students
  • Seamlessly participate in players recruiting process
  • See how your students match any specific college
  • Get insight into baseline performance for each program
  • Validate your players resume and help them connect with matching programs
  • Become a college preparatory program
  • Respond to college coaches requests for players from a quantitative and objective perspective

Empowers Coaches to Transform Players

College Baseball Match provides a straightforward, honest assessment of how well a student athlete and a college baseball program are matched. Using this tool the student, parents, and coach can work together to reach the dream of playing baseball in college. College Baseball Match can be used throughout the athlete's middle and high school years as a training tool providing continual feedback as the player matures and approaches college.

It Simply Works...

Using nearly 50 parameters, we compare the student's athletic ability, academic performance, financial situation, and social/personal interests to the profiles of the more than 1,100 college baseball programs nationwide — providing a quantitative and unbiased assessment of the student and the institution's match.

Become a College Prep Program

While 70% of high school baseball players attend a college, not all of them will play baseball at the collegiate level. College Baseball Match can help maximize the student athlete's chances of playing college ball and can help leverage the student's athletic talents to get them into a more prestigious academic program. In the end, it's all about maximizing the student's potential and preparing the student athlete for college and life beyond.