College Baseball Match Stories

Coach Joe Hoggatt — Bishop Amat Memorial High School

Coach Joe Hoggatt knows baseball excellence. He's currently in his 17th year as Head Coach and 26th overall. He's amassed an impressive win-loss record of 298-161-3 over his career thus far and boasts an impressive 16-year streak of consecutive CIF Playoff Appearances. Having shared his time between Canyon High School and now Bishop Amat, Coach Hoggatt has sent his fair share of players to the Division I level. As an early adopter of College Baseball Match, Coach Hoggatt had this to say :

"The ability to actively gauge the current Academic Tier and Athletic Division a student-athlete profiles has acted as a large motivator for our players at Bishop Amat Memorial High School. The product that College Baseball Match has produced helps focus the conversation about the steps to take to reach the next level and has ultimately put the power of recruiting back into the hands of student-athletes and their parents."

Coach Jackson Watt — Whitney High School

Coach Jackson Watt of Whitney High School knows his way around the baseball diamond. A recent graduate of Willamette University, Coach Watt was a pitcher for the Bearcats all four seasons and was All-Conference 2nd Team in 2014. Now as Head Coach for his alma mater he seeks to create a foundation for his young student-athletes. Coach Watt is familiar with how difficult the college recruiting process can be. As a senior in high school he knew that he wanted to use baseball as a tool to help fund college and put his future on the right track . He utilized the traditional method of searching for possible schools by emailing programs and pitching (no pun intended) his skillset just hoping to find the right match. While it came down to Willamette University (DIII), Puget Sound University (DIII) and Yuba College (NAIA), his hard work in the classroom and in the community helped propel him to choose to attend Willamette with Academic and Leadership scholarships. When asked why he chose to become an early adopter of College Baseball Match, Coach Watt replied:

"The breakdown of the financial pillar helps to take some of the guesswork out the recruiting process. While not every player is capable of playing at a Division I program, College Baseball Match helps to remind students that there are other options and that baseball can be a great vehicle to help pay for school. At the end of the day, as a Head Coach, I had a choice to make: I could either use the remaining money in my budget to pay for t-shirts at the end of the season or I could invest in my player's future. It was really a no-brainer. Their current and future success comes first."

Tommy Smith — Bemidjii State Athlete

Tommy Smith was a senior at Rocklin High School who wasn't sure that his career in baseball would continue into college. Given the overwhelming nature of the recruiting process he contemplated abandoning his dream and focusing solely on school. Expressing his anxieties and doubts with his Coach, Roc Murray, Tommy was informed that there was still a path to playing at the next level. Roc introduced Tommy to College Baseball Match. After building his profile, Tommy saw that there were schools where his athletic skill level and academic pedigree made him a match. Leveraging this boost in confidence with connections and referrals to the program, Tommy was offered a roster spot at NCAA Division II Bemidji State University. Tommy is currently a freshman pitcher studying accounting and has just completed the Fall Baseball season. When asked what he would do if he were a high school student going through this process again he said: "I would have placed a large emphasis on grades. They're so important when it comes to setting a foundation early on."

"College Baseball Match gave me the confidence boost I needed and confirmed that I have the ability to play baseball at the collegiate level. By showing me the schools I matched with, I was able to connect with college programs that I wouldn't have necessarily considered on my own and was able to make a game plan with my coach on how best to meet my goals."

Coach Carl Grissom — Saugus High School

Coach Carl Grissom may be in his first season as head coach at Saugus High School but he knows a good game plan when he sees one. He's currently in his 18th year coaching baseball. A former 2nd baseman at Pierce Junior College and an independent league veteran, Coach Grissom is familiar with the impact that playing college baseball can have on young man's life. As an early adopter and strong proponent of College Baseball Match he had this to say:

"For me, I've always thought these kids deserve an opportunity to go somewhere and shine. Those opportunities are out there at all levels. Many families can get caught up in the myth that NCAA Division I full-rides are a dime a dozen. That's just not true. I've had the pleasure of coaching players that have the talent to play at all different levels of the game and College Baseball Match gives them the tools to find the program that's right for them. The product emphasizes gaining your education while being able to play a sport you love. It's a win-win."

Christy Sarabia — Hard 90 Baseball

Christy Sarabia is the General Manager at Hard 90 Baseball, a training and travel ball organization in El Dorado Hills, CA. As the General Manager of Hard 90, Christy has helped foster the development of over 300 alumni that have gone on to play collegiate and professional baseball.

"As someone who works within the industry, I know and understand the challenges and anxieties that can come with the recruiting process. It's sometimes hard to know how best to navigate all of the choices and to determine where the best fit would be for each student-athlete. College Baseball Match is able to address these concerns with helpful features like the "Recruiting Roadmap". By laying out the requirements at each grade level, parents, athletes and coaches are able to easily track where they are in the process. All while making sure that they dot their "i's" and cross their "t's".

The team at Hard 90 Baseball, has leveraged the product to show our athletes and their parents first-hand what it takes to play baseball at their dream college. This allows us to customize training programs and recommend camps for the player to showcase their talents. Bottom line is that College Baseball Match is a game changer in athletic recruiting."

Coach Steven Moller

Coach Steven Moller is quite familiar how intimidating the world of college recruiting can be. He's been helping student-athletes achieve their goals for quite a long time. He is a 2nd year head coach at Rocklin High School and in his 11th season overall. When asked what he liked most about College Baseball Match, Coach Moller had this to say:

"I really appreciate the ability to gauge my players particular interest in certain schools. From my "Coaches Dashboard", I'm able to view all of my players, see their information, and see where their heads are at. This allows me to create individual game plans that allow me to support them in whatever way I can. Before College Baseball Match it was hard to help student-athletes find opportunities because parents and athletes seldom know what they want out of their college experience. Now, coaches, parents and players can work together as a team to help athletes achieve their dream of playing college baseball."

Coach Keith Wahl

Keith Wahl has seen it all as both a student and teacher of the game. A former high school head coach of 15 years and now the Executive Vice-President of Bardo's Diamond Sports, Wahl has helped many a student-athlete navigate the uncertain terrain of college recruiting. In the age of "Moneyball" and sabermetrics, Keith knew that there needed to be a more rigorous process to determining program fit. He even went so far as to independently create his own process to automate the experience. As someone who understands and shares our goal to better the lives of prospective student-athletes here's what Keith had to say about College Baseball Match:

"The thing that excites me about the product is that it is truly leveraging analytics as a way to find student-athletes the best opportunities to play baseball in college. We have to move college recruiting into the age of analytics and College Baseball Match has created the best tool to do so. By incorporating all four pillars into the decision-making process they have thought of a way to seamlessly combine the necessary elements to help parents, coaches and athletes make the best decision they possibly can. It's a perfect fit for families and high school programs alike and it's the direction the college recruiting culture needs to go. It's simply amazing! "